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Introduction of Some Gear Drives

A gear drive is also called gear drive system in which many different gears are brought under a single system. In this system, a motor is used to turn all the required gears to do work. At two opposite ends of the gearbox are the two gears. They are input gear and output gear. The former can supply the power, while the latter can do the actual work at the other end of the system.

Quality is a quite important element for most things. Thus, the reliability of this system depends on the quality of components. Besides, the solid design and the accurate assembly are also quite important aspects for the system.



There are various kinds such as the bevel gear drives, combination drives,helical gear drives, spur gear drives, and worm drives, etc. Different types have different characteristics and applications. Let us see some specific categories.


Combination drive

combination drive. The installation of this drive is quite complicated. It is installed with a vertical electric motor for constant service. Solid or hollow shafts are used to furnish the drives. Two screws hold the sliding clutch in the specified position. The pin is dropped below the screw and the screw tightened. Like many other kinds, it can be used in many places. It can offer quite high performance.


Worm drive

worm drive. It is a quite popular type. It can help to transmit the high torque. It has many characteristics. It is compact and durable. It is available in many applications to meet different requirements. For example, it can be widely used in computers. 


Bevel gear drive

bevel gear drive. It is also called the bevel gear transmission which is used to drive one or more shafts. This kind has many advantages. It can provide higher torque. Except for this, it can handle heavy loads. A very important advantage is that it can transmit engine power smoothly onto the main clutch pulley.

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1 Wide range of applicable peripheral speeds and powers.
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1、Material: material booked per drawing, and supply the material certification
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3、1/3, 1/2,3/4 casual inspection
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Based on our experiences, we can provide you custom gear design, including calculating gear strength and analyzing transmission errors.

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To maintain stable production quality, we introduced inspection machine and ensure the inspection result meet JIS3. For faster services, we always use the express courier for the delivery.Reverse Engineering
If you have a physical gearbut are not clear about the product specification,We can analyze the product structure and derive the design principle. Reverse engineering can help conduct gear design and manufacturing processing to efficiently elevate the process of communication.

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